Our Company

At Sterling Foods, portion control products is our business. We have built a solid reputation of consistency, quality, and reliability.

Our experience has taught us that there is a decision which every restaurant owner must make. This decision is more important than all the money spent on furniture, lighting, or ambience. It is the center of the plate decision. Does the knife slice smoothly through the tender meat? Are you able to see a smile come to your customer’s face as he tastes the flavor and tenderness? Your customer is now deciding just how good you are. Does he decide to come back often or never again? Here is where our experience and products can help you achieve a pleasant dining experience for your valued customer.

Sterling Foods is a company large enough to supply your every need, yet small enough to satisfy each individual customer’s unique requests. We handle a variety of protein items, all of the highest quality. Our Choice Beef is cut strictly from Midwestern corn-fed beef with proper aging and trimmed to ensure exquisite flavor and tenderness. All beef is cut to Meat Buyers Guide specifications or individual customer specifications. Our poultry is cut to requested specifications of each individual customer. Our pork is also cut to the meat buyers guide specifications or individual customer specifications. We have the latest technology to ensure the best products and packaging for our customers.

At Sterling Foods, we have a quality control program where all products are tested on a daily basis. We are a USDA Inspected HACCP approved Plant operating under continuous U.S. Government Inspection providing the ultimate protection for the customer.

Our precision cutting will provide a consistent, dependable product year-round. Volume keeps our cost down providing a value to any program level you may have.

Sterling Foods is at your service to do whatever it takes to help you cut out your niche.